Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Why should you listen to me?

Why should you listen to me?
Because I have made a good living in the alternate energy and other businesses for many years beginning in 1954, and I am not trying to sell you a bill of goods. Another reason is that we need fresh ideas, and new blood in the business.
The main reason that you need your own business is because there is absolutely no security in a private sector job any longer no matter how high you are up in the food chain because there are sharks (accountants)(bean counters) that will eat you up and spit you out to save a handful of dollars on the bottom line, and because our business is putting other people in business all over the world thanks to the Internet and we (I’m bragging now) have done well at that. Now, next time we'll get down to business.

Copyright 2006 Walter H. Barrett

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