Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Free Giant Garden Composter (1) by Walt Barrett

A simple little exercise in recycling
I drilled the four corners and cut our the door with my saber saw
The tools I used
My wife Nancy and I like to garden. The soil has never been that great here in Rhode Island so we have had to compost our leaves etc. For years in order to build up the soil. My wife spotted a barrel composter in a gardening magazine and it was very nice. The only problem was it was very expensive. So now, I start searching the internet and found several others out there ranging from two hundred to four hundred dollars. That set me to thinking that a lot of folks out there in Cyberspace are retired like me and might not be able to afford that kind of money. So all this has been rolling around in the back of my head for some time now, and then it happened. I walked up the street the other day to see my buddy Steve Cote. It seems that he had found a very large wooden wire spool,and brought it home in the back of his pickup, but then decided not to use it after all. I think he was going to make a table with it, but he changed his mind. Of course, the wheels in my mind started turning again, and I was all green with envy and, lusting after that wire spool. The only thing was that in my minds eye, all I could see was a very large, free soil composter. So I asked Steve if I could have it, and the next thing I knew, he showed up at my house with it!
Well anyway, The text and photos that follow are part one of my free composter adventure. I never spent a cent on it, and I already have a bunch of free treated lumber that another neighbor gave me that he had left over from a deck job. I will make a revolving stand for it with that free treated lumber. The building of the stand will be part two. I don't have time to build the stand today and write this too.
This is the spool and the tools I used. It is 48 inches high, and 22 inches wide.
The above sequence took me less than an hour. Of course, when I am finished I will find some free wood treatment and paint for it too.
I can only fit two pictures on this page so the other two will be added separately.

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