Sunday, September 10, 2006

Free Giant Garden Composter (2)-- More Photos by Walt Barrett

These are the rest of the photos from the garden composter project. I used an old broken belt for the three leather hinges and a piece of scrap brass for the latch. The lip on the front edges of the door is from and old paint stirrer. All of the nails etc came from my junk box. WE WILL BE BUILDING A SIMPLE STAND NEXT TO ROTATE THE DRUM ON. It should be turned a full turn every day for best results.
Notice that the drum is a non returnable wire spool throw away.

This is the finished drum without the stand to turn the drum on. You could stop right there and just roll it along the ground but it will rot out faster if you do! I intend to treat the inside and put a nice coat of free paint on the outside.

Wait until you see the composting toilet I plan to build. I already have the stainless steel drum from a clothes dryer and that is the heart of the system.

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