Friday, December 01, 2006

Let's All Help Out At Christmas and The Holidays by Walter H. Barrett

There are many of us that have seen some pretty rough times going all the way back the nineteen-thirties in my case. We have seen the endless depressions, recessions and wars, but here we are, the survivors, for better or worse. Now it is time to pay a little back. In my case there is a needy family of four that we know, and they have suffered a lot of bad breaks in life. The Mother is not lazy, and she is a very hard worker. Her husband left her with three young kids. With wages what they are, she just cannot work enough hours to make ends meet, and to top it off she is recovering from Lyme disease which her brilliant doctor misdiagnosed for eighteen months! So, my Wife Nancy goes to see her often, and gives her extra money that we will never really miss. We have decided that for the holidays this year we will give her a very generous gift certificate for the super market. I am only mentioning this to impart an idea for a way to do a good thing, and maybe even bring on some significant and sorely needed changes. If everyone would look around them for even one person that could use even a few dollars to help them over a bump in the road it would be a great thing. A lot of people give now, but there are a lot more who could , and don't. Personally I get a great deal of satisfaction by seeing where my money goes, and knowing the intended person got it. Anything from a bag of groceries to a load of fuel is good. All poor people are not lazy. They just can't make it in our screwed up economy. It is not a new idea but some folks need reminding. Please try to look after someone who is worse off than you are -- pass it along
Happy Holidays!


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