Saturday, February 24, 2007

The New Economy Model Solar Water Pumping Kit Is Here by Walt Barrett

Well we finally did it. We have developed a new economy version of our solar water pumping kit. All the components are manufactured in North America.
The new kit consists of a submersible 12 volt well pump, a 20 watt (expandable) solar power module, and a combination solar charging module and low battery voltage motor protector. The unit works down to a depth of 230 feet or 70 meters, and will provide 100 to 150 gallons of water per day depending upon the solar insolation. Extra power modules may be added to increase the pumping capacity. This unit requires a 12 volt solar battery which allows you run LED lighting and other 12 volt powered equipment too, providing you add solar power modules to increase the charging capacity. It is an excellent starter system, and should also be quite popular in the third world because of the extremely low price of $575.00 plus shipping. All of the components may also be purchased from separately. See the site map or index page. China Depot will continue to push the envelope in our quest to bring you the lowest price for solar and energy saving products.
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