Monday, March 05, 2007

The Fuel Price Numbers Game

The elections are well over, and now the fuel prices are rapidly rising. The word that I'm getting from my fuel price analyst friend is that we can expect them to keep on rising to the highest of all time, and then some! This includes all kinds of fuel, not just gasoline.
My advice to everyone is to start right now looking for ways to conserve all kinds of fuel. The fuel business is supply and demand and conservation is the only way we little guys can exercise some control over the cost of fuel. By this time ,we all know the tricks to save energy. If everyone only saves a gallon or two a week it is a huge amount in totaling millions of gallons.
Consider the consequences, especially if you live in the northern states. There are so many underpaid people that they won't have enough money to heat their homes or run their cars, and they will have to move south leaving the north a deserted economic disaster. Imagine a company that is already on thin ice just quietly going down the drain, and imagine a big company that can offer hundreds of jobs building in the south, as many of them already are. The scenarios go on and on! You don't see Toyota building plants in New England or any other cold climate. They are not fools!
The population will be shifting south on roller skates over the next 20 years, and real estate in the Northeast won't be worth a dime unless we find some practical solutions. In the mean time, I'm doing my share by saving as much fuel as I possibly can. I don't do any unnecessary driving, and I keep the heat down in the rooms we are not using during the day or night time.
Happy Motoring!

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