Sunday, April 22, 2007

A better way to advertise your products by Walt Barrett

As many of you may already know, we own a very well known web site which is a division of the parent company A to Z Global Marketing Inc. We are currently experimenting with a new approach (for us) of marketing our web site and products. Basically the idea is this. We are uploading some short video clips that are free to download. Some of them will be DIY like our battery reconditioning video, some will be Nature and Wild Life, and hopefully some will be educational. We are also going to offer this type of advertising to other companies that may not be able to produce their own. The idea is working for us, and some of the products we are selling have doubled in sales since we went video. Each clip we produce has a very short graphic at the beginning, and the end of the clip with no blaring sound tracks etc. They are Tranquil Ads (my idea) We are calling the new division . I expect it will be a long haul to make a success from the outside adverting sales to other companies, but internally, for our own products that we have posted to , the sales of those products have doubled. Those products are The UnCapper bottle opener, and the Battery reconditioning business. Our web site traffic has also increased. We are listed on by searching "chinadepot." Watch for some great new content coming up soon including free video greeting cards, and rest assured there will be no smut or objectionable news coverage on any of our clips, and they will be suitable for children too. We are wide open to ideas and suggestions. We produce all clips in our own studio and in the field. It's a lot of fun too!

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