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Shame on The News Media "Business" by Walt Barrett

I have added this comment from a reader because it is very important and I have publicly signed the Petition. We need thousands of signatures. Please pass it along, and please boycott the sponsors of ANY undesirable programing or products. It is time to fight back!

news said...
Right on, Walt! This sets a very dangerous precedent, glorifies a killer, and the outright branding and marketing of the pics is absolutely disgusting.We at have started an online petition, please lend your support and pass along to anyone who might want to lend a hand.Thank you.
April 21, 2007 5:24 PM

My blog starts here. WB

I do not normally go after anyone in spite of the fact that a great many of the antics pulled by both business and government really make me angry. I do not enjoy making trouble. But in the aftermath of the horrible shootings at Virginia Tech, and the loss of a bright young man from my own home town of Lincoln, Rhode Island, as well as many other bright young adults. I am absolutely Furious with the news coverage. News is a business, make no mistake about it. These people make millions of dollars from other people's misfortune. When there is a terrible tragedy they are there feasting over the dead bodies of the hapless victims. We see then in Iraq, meddling in our affairs, and every time one of them is injured he or she has to be attended to. I often wonder how many injured troops have to wait while the medics attend to a wounded reporter. They (reporters) have to be a major distraction.
The networks are no longer satisfied with reporting the news, they are also trying to affect the policies of our government. We already have enough meddlers in the government, and they do not need any "help" from the meddlers in the press.
Now the press is all over the campus at Virgina Tech. They are milking the tragedy for all it is worth. I think it is disgusting! Every year from now until eternity they will drag out the video tapes and remind all of the families of all those victims of the grievous losses they have suffered on the anniversary of the tragedy.
These are the people that for money, in spite of their endless protests to the opposite, will walk up to a grieving parent the very day that they just found out a son or daughter has been blown to bits, and ask that parent, in so many words, "How does it feel to have a child blown to bits? Then, when challenged, they will say they were only doing a "public service!"
I am extremely angry with NBC for their handling of the evidence they received in the mail regarding the terrible tragedy at Virginia Tech. I would like to make a point that such tragedies should not be viewed as "profit centers." The parents and other survivors of these terrible incidents do not deserve to have their privacy invaded by ignorant money grubbing, senseless news reporters hiding under the guise of "We are just doing a public service."
Do they think we are all ghouls waiting to feast on the bodies? Is that what the networks think of us? They will tell us that we can just turn the dial if we don't like what we see. Turn the dial to what, more of the same? It's all about the money folks. The rest is all chroma key and mirrors! It's money,money, money. I would like to use some profanity here, but I won't even though it is my constitutional right, I'm not going to hide behind it like the press often does. Freedom of the press should not meant freedom to invade other people's privacy, or poison their children's minds either by the way.
I have copied a letter below that I sent to NBC last evening. There are many people that will disagree with me, and that is their right, just as mine is to voice my opinion. If you agree with me please forward this blog to your friends. It's time we put the TV news in its place!
Personally, I intend to boycott as many of the sponsors of these programs as possible. Money talks in the TV News "business."

To the NBC News Department:
Well you really went and did it this time. I'm a 74 year old businessman from Rhode Island, and I have watched NBC News since the very beginning on TV. I would like to know what you were thinking of, other than the money, of course, when you took it upon yourselves to copy and publish what was obviously very important evidence in this terrible tragedy, again, other than profits. You certainly weren't thinking about the families of the victims who will have to watch the news loops for the next thirty years. You certainly were not thinking about all of the other sick people that are going to feed off this, and you know they will copy this guy. And, you certainly weren't thinking about the rest of the students, and faculty at Virginia Tech. What you were thinking about was the bottom line and, the big score you just made by being the lucky recipient of the information sent to you by that pathetic maniac. Personally, I do not think that morally, and possibly not legally, that you had the right to copy and release that evidence. You make Don Imus look like a saint compared to your antics! ( I notice it took you a week to drop that profit center. Nothing like watching the polls.) You managed to get Imus right of the front page. I don't care for him either, but he's going to have the last laugh on you "people." Your stunt was one of the most greedy and unprofessional acts I have ever seen in the business.
To add insult to injury, you have flooded the campus with reporters, and you are literally wallowing in this terrible tragedy!
When I was a young man I actually wanted to be a reporter some day. Well thank God I passed on that career!
You are a business, and you are all about money and profits. You are ruled by the bottom line.
I'm not sure I will ever be able to watch your network again! You are all just in it for the money. Be honest, you were not thinking of the victims, or the families. It was just another great opportunity to make money, blood money! And you are passing it off as a public service! Do you also have any used cars you can sell us?
Just because your PAID EX FBI consultant stood up on the Today Show this morning and said it was OK does not let you off the hook! What a bunch of hypocrites! You are not fooling anyone! When will you be coming out with the movie?
Shame on you.
I'm finished with all of you now.
Walter H. Barrett President
A to Z global Marketing
34 Mount Ave.
Lincoln, RI 02865
401 725 8141

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