Friday, April 13, 2007

I've been very busy by Walt Barrett

Well I've been very busy for the past month or so, and I still am. That's a good thing! The latest news is that since we lowered the prices on the solar products the sales are taking off. Solar water pump sales are up. Tractor and generator sales are up, and all of the products on our EBay store are selling steadily.
We have just started a new division producing video ads for the Internet. We hope to get some new business in that area. We have used video on our own sites for eight years. It always worked well for us. Since we posted our battery rebuilding video and our UnCapper video on the sales of these products have doubled. We hope to convince other companies to let us produce videos for their products. My advice to you is to look into the video advertising business. We are looking to recruit associates in the very near future. We are trying to sort out what would be fair rates for our commercial film clips ready to publish, and published.
Interested parties should contact me at .
I am also writing a SciFi movie script for a very good friend in Hollywood. So far it is going well.
My Youngest son John Barrett has taken over the daily operations of ChinaDepot.Com while I focus more on expanding our other business activities. We have Changed the name of our Corporation to A to Z Global Marketing Inc because we are no longer just involved with doing business in China.
Keep your eye on the Internet video business, and the green energy businesses. they are looking better all the time.

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