Monday, March 05, 2007

The Fuel Price Numbers Game

The elections are well over, and now the fuel prices are rapidly rising. The word that I'm getting from my fuel price analyst friend is that we can expect them to keep on rising to the highest of all time, and then some! This includes all kinds of fuel, not just gasoline.
My advice to everyone is to start right now looking for ways to conserve all kinds of fuel. The fuel business is supply and demand and conservation is the only way we little guys can exercise some control over the cost of fuel. By this time ,we all know the tricks to save energy. If everyone only saves a gallon or two a week it is a huge amount in totaling millions of gallons.
Consider the consequences, especially if you live in the northern states. There are so many underpaid people that they won't have enough money to heat their homes or run their cars, and they will have to move south leaving the north a deserted economic disaster. Imagine a company that is already on thin ice just quietly going down the drain, and imagine a big company that can offer hundreds of jobs building in the south, as many of them already are. The scenarios go on and on! You don't see Toyota building plants in New England or any other cold climate. They are not fools!
The population will be shifting south on roller skates over the next 20 years, and real estate in the Northeast won't be worth a dime unless we find some practical solutions. In the mean time, I'm doing my share by saving as much fuel as I possibly can. I don't do any unnecessary driving, and I keep the heat down in the rooms we are not using during the day or night time.
Happy Motoring!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The New Economy Model Solar Water Pumping Kit Is Here by Walt Barrett

Well we finally did it. We have developed a new economy version of our solar water pumping kit. All the components are manufactured in North America.
The new kit consists of a submersible 12 volt well pump, a 20 watt (expandable) solar power module, and a combination solar charging module and low battery voltage motor protector. The unit works down to a depth of 230 feet or 70 meters, and will provide 100 to 150 gallons of water per day depending upon the solar insolation. Extra power modules may be added to increase the pumping capacity. This unit requires a 12 volt solar battery which allows you run LED lighting and other 12 volt powered equipment too, providing you add solar power modules to increase the charging capacity. It is an excellent starter system, and should also be quite popular in the third world because of the extremely low price of $575.00 plus shipping. All of the components may also be purchased from separately. See the site map or index page. China Depot will continue to push the envelope in our quest to bring you the lowest price for solar and energy saving products.
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Free Video on Battery Reconditiong

We have made a video on reconditioning lead acid batteries. You may view it on youtube at
We will continue to post videos on this site. The next video will be on how to recondition sealed lead acid batteries, and reseal them again with simple hand tools.
The next videos after that will be on our new economy type solar water pumps and our new economy type solar lighting systems. We have designed these for third world countries and off the grid Micro Homes etc. These systems are fully expandable. The new web pages for these items will be going up on our web site today at As always, we are seeking dealers for these items.