Sunday, June 29, 2008

Building The Low Cost Micro Home Work Day Four By Walt Barrett

Today was another part time day for John and I to work on the Micro Home. We did manage to get the sub floor glued and screwed down. The home is not close to a power source so we purchased an 18 volt battery operated Skil screw driver gun and it did a terrific job! We also managed to get to the Home Depot and purchased four Anderson windows. and pick out a door. This will enable me to lay out the exterior walls including the rough openings for the windows and doors. This morning I will purchase about thirty-five pieces 2"x4"x8' lumber to frame the walls and have some extras for temporary wall bracing. We are using only the best grade lumber. There is a progress photo attached. Our model home is a totally autonomous off the grid home. However, it will have a two burner cook stove that will run from the smaller size propane bottle. Electricity and jot water will be solar. There is a shower and composting toilet. We plan to mass produce several sizes and styles if there is enough interest in the product. We are aiming at sharply reduced prices compared the the current Micro Homes we have seen on the Internet. We invite you to contact us if you are interested in Low Cost Micro Homes. Please tell your friends about this project blog. We are going for A Micro Home at Micro Cost.



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