Thursday, June 26, 2008

Micro Home Floor Platform Working Day Three by Walt Barrett

In spite of the extremely bad weather we managed to set up the foundation platform for the micro cube home today. Tomorrow we will put in the blocking between the floor joists to keep them from twisting and then we will glue and screw the floor down. We are very excited about the project and the progress we are making in spite of the very bad weather. We will probably get the four walls and the roof up over the weekend. We used all pressure treated 2 x 6 lumber for the base platform. We are going first class quality all the way! Imagine how much easier it will be on our new assembly line! This is just a stick build test project.
John And i can only spare a few hours a day because keeps us very busy. We hope to create a lot of jobs in our community by building these homes here in the USA.
We are very interested in your comments, good or bad, and your suggestions or ideas.

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