Friday, June 20, 2008

Micro Home Progress - Site Preperation by Walt Barrett

We will continue to publish reports on the construction of our new Micro Home model. It is all solar and totally off the power grid.
Yesterday I personally took time out from the office to clear the space and stake off the area so the grade can be set and the foundation blocks can be set in place. I will personally build the unit with the assistance of My son John Barrett who is now the CEO of , leaving me the time to develop new projects such as our Micro Home program.
I have included photos of the Micro Home lot and the views from the lot.
When the home is completed it will be open for inspection to the public by appointment, and we will be taking orders for completed units built on the new assembly line we are planning if the home is accepted by the buying public.
The model home is 8' long and 8' wide. We can offer many sizes including the 8' X 8' cube off grid economy model. Stay with us for weekly postings including photos.
Yes, it overlooks a lake!

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