Saturday, June 21, 2008

Micro Home Site Prep II by Walt Barrett

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Well yesterday John and I did most of the site preparation. The display model of our new micro home product is 8' x 8' and the site needed leveling off before we can set the foundation blocks. We purposely did the work by hand using pick, shovel, hoe, and wheel barrow. Although we own a large tractor and equipment distributorship we opted to do the work ourselves by hand to show our potential customers for the homes that you don't have to spend a lot of money on site prep. We are firm believers in "sweat equity." That's the way my parents built their home in 1929-1932 and we all lived very happily there for many years.
Our thinking is that if we are going to build and market these micro homes we need to show our potential customers how doable the project really is without a lot of expensive equipment. I am attaching the photos from yesterday's work that my son John and I did together on the site prep.

John is the CEO of .
Hard work never killed anyone!
The next installment will show us setting the foundation blocks and laying down the sill. We are stick building our demo model, but are going to build all future models on an assembly line.More coming soon.


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