Sunday, August 17, 2008

LED Lighting For The Micro Home Project by Walt Barrett

Light emitting diode technology has come a very long way in recent years. These units give off incredible amounts of light using only milliwatts and up to 4 watts in the home lighting range. They barely trickle electricity from your battery storage bank. They come in 12 volt DC and 120 volt A/C configurations. You don't even need an inverter to run the 12 volt DC type. This makes them ideal for off the grid living.
We have finally found a source for these thrifty units that is reasonable and will be installing them in our Micro Home. We will use the 120 volt A/C units as we are also going to run a wireless computer and need to power a TV, and radio. We can also tap into our 12 volt battery bank separately to run our 12 volt well pump and any other 12 volt appliance etc. that we may choose.
It is also interesting to note that these bulbs can be installed in your current residence and save even more electricity than the popular energy saving fluorescent bulbs that we are already using in our own home. We will soon be switching to the New LED units though. Our electricity rate was just increased by 28% and I don't think that is the end of it yet! I can't believe the government even allowed a foreign company to buy our local electric company here in New England. I think it's a bunch of Bull#$%*, but that's another story!
Personally I would like to see as many people as possible get off the power grid and also find alternate ways to heat and cool their homes. I feel that retirees and singles or childless couples are ideal candidates for Micro Homes or Micro Apartments that are either partially or totally off the power grid. Micro Homes may be the only way for the working class to ever own a home the way we are all getting screwd over these days.
Also , we have so much water pollution here in our rivers, streams and the ocean (Narragansett Bay) That we need to develop new, and more convenient methods of using composting toilets. The water treatment plants are overwhelmed, and constantly overflowing raw sewerage into the rivers and the bay. Think about that every time you are tempted to eat raw seafood. We are building a composting toilet for our Micro Home. The compost will then go right into a bin and then when it is ready, a flower garden. We are going to do our part to save the rivers and our beautiful bay.
Well, I have a very busy day ahead of me and have to sign off now.
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