Monday, August 18, 2008

Wiring the Micro Home by Walt Barrett

Yesterday we went to Lowe's because it was a no sales tax special weekend deal that the state Massachusetts sponsors one weekend a year to stimulate business. We live just over the boarder in Rhode Island so the RI businesses lost a ton of sales this past weekend. The state of RI never met a dollar, a tax, or a fee that they didn't fall in love with. Twenty percent of the population is on some kind of public assistance and, the illegals are literally killing us in more ways that one! We may be the first state in the union to go bankrupt. We are considering moving our company to another state, probably to a warmer climate too.
We bought everything we need to wire the Micro Home, plus the rest of the OSB for the roof, the roof shingles, drip edge, the underlayment, the nails, and more 2" x 4" lumber. Between the sales tax savings and some Lowe's coupons we saved fifty dollars. We will be posting photos of the wiring process and the roofing process very soon now. It looks like we are getting a break in the weather.
The electrical system will be totally solar. We will make DC and store it in batteries and then invert it to A/C as we need it. We also plan to charge spare batteries while driving our cars and pickup truck. We have a special wiring harness for that project. This plan will save a fortune is solar panels.
I have forty years experience in the solar business so the electric, the heat, and the hot water are a relatively simple task. When I say off the grid, I mean off the grid! We need more people to get with the program. You have to think about your future. The less energy you use, the more money you save. It's the same with your motor vehicles. Imagine how much money you would save if you figured out how to do without a car, and just rented one for vacations etc.,or when you really needed one? Of course, everyone can't do that, but suppose they could. You could easily save enough money to retire on. Owning a Micro Home is a similar proposition. You build it or buy it for a fraction of a huge typical American home and have either no mortgage , or a very small one. Now there's a deal! It's the same thing for a Micro Apartment. Just take a look at the Micro Apartments In Japan, and to add to that they ride bikes besides. No wonder they lead the world in savings accounts!
Well I have to go out and work on the project now. I'll post more photos soon.
Please tell your friends and stay tuned!

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