Thursday, August 14, 2008

Micro Home Composting Toilets & Baths by Walt Barrett

Micro Homes have to take advantage of every square foot of floor space possible. There is no tolerance for wasted space. I have noticed for many years that movable or portable composting toilets are the answer to a lot of problems related to expensive septic systems and water pollution etc. I have found a web site that really explains the whole subject, and their product is very inexpensive to either buy, or build. With the addition of a vent to the design it is probably the answer to the human waste disposal problem. This site is a great place to start in solving the problem. It has great videos and info and a book is available to purchase. Please note that we do not know these nice people nor are connected to their company in any way shape or form. However, we intend to use one of their units in our micro home, but will add a solar powered venting system that we have designed to eliminate any unpleasant odors from the unit. There is no way I would ever pay over $1000.00 for a fancy commercial unit. This is the way to go.
When we get to finishing the interior of the Micro Home we will post photos of our version. We are trying to keep these units affordable.
We are currently exploring an inexpensive way to build a light weight soaking type tub that can be easily store under a counter etc. This would be especially good for our tiny 8' x 8' model with the sleeping loft. We can easily supply all the necessary hot water with our solar system design. The other option is a special shower design we are working on. Obviously, the trick is to fit as much as you can in a small space without getting ridiculous! A permanent shower takes up about 8 square feet of floor space. We have seen outdoor toilet and shower facilities in the warm climates. This is another way to skate by in an 8' x 8' micro home
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