Saturday, August 16, 2008

Totally Free by Walt Barrett

The rain has the micro home project at a standstill. We are currently researching small heaters that can run on used non toxic vegetable oil that we are getting free from a local restaurant. It looks very promising. Recent tests show that a quart of this free fuel will heat our current model for up to 24 hours. Heating and cooling cost savings are one of the main advantages of the tiny micro homes.
Another interesting item is that we have been contacted by off shore companies that are very interested in the micro home project. Some of them have offered us products. Some of them are interested in our low cost solar electric system. We will keep you posted on all of this interesting data.

Whether you have a product you wish to buy sell, or maybe you just want to join a ride share program in your area. Perhaps you have a used item that you would simply like to donate to a needy family. We have set up a web site and it has totally free classifieds for you to advertise on.
One word of caution though. As with any classified ad site be very wary of work at home schemes and anyone asking for personal information. It's always best to deal in your own area where it is easier to check these things out. Never pay money for a job, or job information. Employers pay the companies that are job agencies. Be very careful of Job offers, never pay them money.
The golden rule as always is "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."
In spite of all that, Free ads are a great way to sell a product or get your name out there. We list on as many of them as possible every day. If used properly, they can be very helpful and profitable.

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