Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Inexpensive Micro Home Power System Inverters by Walt Barrett

We are just a few days away from installing the roofing and siding for the micro home. Between heavy rain, and a heavy shipping schedule John and me have had very little time to work on the micro home for days.
One great piece of information though is that we have picked up a line of inverters that can supply 3000 watts of 120 volts AC from a 12 volt battery.
We will be using one on our micro home. The price is very good at only $275.00 for 3000 watts, $195.00 for 2000 watts and $140.00 for 1500 watts. Shipping is extra. These work great with solar battery packs, and they have all kinds of built in protection. They are 85% efficient which is not bad considering they have built in cooling fans. I can send full specs to anyone who request them at wbarrett@aol.com .
There is a video of the micro home on my Pickens Plan web site.
If anyone wants to join write to me for a free invitation. It's a great place to learn about free energy.
More coming soon.

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