Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Micro Home Lighting System by Walt Barrett

Sorry for the long delay but we have been very busy shipping out generators. It's that time of the year. Now we are sold out so we can get back to the micro home project by the weekend.
We have received the shipment of LED light bulbs from the factory and they are excellent. I have one in my desk lamp and it is super and easy on my eyes too. I like the fact that it only draws 3 watts and the life span is tested to 50,000 hours. Each bulb should save over $40.00 a year based on only a six hour day.
There a little pricey at 14.95 for our 60 LED globe model, but they will pay for themselves in saved electricity in several months of operation, and then it's all profit for 50,000 hours! The battery system will be able to run them for hours and hours at 3 watts. They are a great addition to our micro home test bed!
We should be ready to finish the micro home interior in about a week.
Stay tuned,

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