Thursday, February 05, 2009

Low Cost Micro Homes & Financing by Walt Barrett

Now that I am back from my film expedition to the Florida Everglades, and have tied up a few loose ends I am ready to move forward with the Micro Home Project. We would like to start full production in April so we will spend the next nine weeks try to find customers that are willing to purchase one of our homes. This will be a simple task in the current economy, but there is one thing that might help. I have been reading most of the big time green web sites whom never ever give us a mention by the way, and they are pushing several companies that are offering 80 square foot micro homes for up to $40,000.00, lol! That is $500.00 a square foot. Come on guys, let's get real! The 128 square foot model that we have already built and shown on this web site with a shower composting toilet and solar 120 volt A/C lighting system or 12 volt DC, your choice, will sell for $9995.00 plus shipping. That is $78.00 a square foot and at that price will be easier to finance than an automobile. We may even carry the paper our self if it is legal. The power pack for the LED lighting system will also support a TV, Computer, Cell phone, and radio. We will assembly line produce these units in either Rhode Island, Connecticut, or Massachusetts to begin with depending on tax breaks etc., but will be seeking assemblers in other states if the business picks up. We are also going to build larger sizes that are all energy efficient and off the power grid if the clients desire them. In summary, the entire project is very flexible and really depends on the market place.
I would like to ask that if you know anyone interested in any aspect of this project or if you are yourself, please contact me. We are not asking for investors as I am personally financing the entire project. One of our main goals is to put some Americans back to work.
Any inputs from you would be very helpful.

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