Thursday, February 05, 2009

Micro Home Plans from A to Z Global Marketing Inc by Walt Barrett

Well we had our big meeting today, and have worked out the details for the sale of plans for the various sized micro homes. Our plans are very thorough and do not leave any room for guess work especially for the inexperienced DIY market. Plus we are offering customer support by email only as with all of our products since 1996 on the Internet. Our decisions etc. are below.

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What you get with our plans.
1. Isometric Drawings
2. Finished Elevations
3. Detailed Frame Elevations
4. Cutting schedule sheets with all cutting angles to set the saw at.
5. Two footing plan choices.
A: Regular footings
B: Slab
6. Window and Door schedule
7. Alternate Gambrel roof design for more head room
8. A full bill of materials
These plans represent many hours of work and consist of approximately 40 pages of professional drawings done on a CAD program by a professional. As usual, we are available by email for technical support for those who need it. These plans will save you a great deal of mistakes and wasted lumber. We even tell you what size nails, screws, nuts and bolts etc to use. If you are not a professional you will REALLY need this information.
They will easily pay for themselves the first two weeks of construction. We know by our own experiences.
If you would like a larger or smaller home based on our off the power grid energy saving home designs please write to us at and we will arrange to discuss it with you. Our customer service is the very best. We cater to the DIY market and understand your problems. We make micro home building simple.
We can also offer you pre cut kits and knocked down panelized versions of our homes to reduce shipping costs and make your job even more simple.
The complete detailed set of construction plans for the sixteen foot micro home are $495.00 delivered electronically or on a DVD disk.

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