Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Payback From A Green Company by Walt Barrett

Many of you already know that we also operate a very successful automotive battery recycling company. We can barley keep up with our chemicals restorer sales and the growth has been astronomical.
Well we really appreciate all that business and think we have found one way to give a little back. We have been donating to www.kiva.org for quite some time now. That was our first attempt at giving some back. Now, in addition to that we have started a brand new web site called www.freeautosales.biz. It's hard to get a web domain name these days, and that is the best we could do. The new site is world-wide and allows anyone to buy or sell any kind of motor vehicle absolutely free. This includes private parities, dealers and manufacturers from all over the world. This will allow all of the above people to save some money. Now who doesn't want to save money?
Right now we have just started the site and it is a small beginning, but these things have a way of growing. The site is fully search able and Photos are allowed. The main thing, like any other free service, is that people have to find out about it. We would really appreciate it if you could tell your friends about our new free service. www.freeautosales.biz
There are no charges ever!

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