Monday, February 09, 2009

Solar Hot Water Heating Dealerships Available by Walt Barrett

The above cold climate system is one of our new split solar antifreeze systems.
The above non freezing climate system Batch system is just one of the many systems that we now have dealerships available for. It is a Batch type thermosiphoning type system that does not require any power. It is our smallest system, and it is available in larger sizes. The system shown has a glass tube solar collector, but we also sell the flat plate solar collectors.
We are currently offering these units to people who want to be dealers only because they must be shipped by 20' container loads minimum. There are 12 to 32 systems in a 20' container depending on which systems are ordered. Solar systems must ship by container loads because the staff at the shipping companies where the shipments are on loaded and off loaded are very careless in their handling of loose freight.
Serious dealer requests should be addressed to me at this site. Batch systems start at $599.00 delivered to Miami as an example. Batch systems are for non freezing climates only.
I will be posting more photos and specs very soon.
In the 1970's we manufactured, sold, and installed hundreds of solar systems both for hot water and for heating, including water to water and water to air heat pumps. This business flourished for many years until the solar tax credits were abolished under the Reagan administration. We hope to see some new tax incentives to help Americans save energy, and save money.

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