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A green business for low dollars that you can start by Walt Barrett

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A green business for low dollars that you can start by Walt Barrett
By admin Mar 24, 2009
Green Business Comment
You know, if you have ever lost your job, or are about to, You know that sinking feeling in your stomach when disaster hits. Having been there several times over the years I know exactly how it feels. Even if you have what you feel is a secure job, you should always have an expandable part time back up business. I have always had a part time or full time business since I was nineteen years old, and it has saved the bacon for me many times. Some of the oldest, and most successful businesses were started by folks whom lost their jobs in tough times. Most of us need that kick in the butt to move us towards starting a business. One door closes, another door opens. You know, even if you do not make a ton of money, there is a wonderful sense of security in knowing that you are job secure in that business. No one can ever fire you, or cut your pay, or treat you like just another number in the job lottery. I have been thinking a lot about what our company can do to offer a lifeline to folks that need work, and last night I decided to make the offer below.
I have combined a very successful business that we have operated profitably for twenty-five years with a couple of fresh ideas to bring it into the twenty first century. It requires very little money, for some people maybe less than $100.00. It is a service business that can be full, or part time. In order for me to assess the interest in a low investment green business I need you to write to me at, and I will then send you a full explanation of my new program. The business requires practically no investment. If you want to hook up with a company that will provide you with the kind of expertise that will prevent you from screwing up your business because of a lack of business experience, and will be there for you to help with the tough decisions, I can help you. We do not charge our business associates for our advice. Please contact me ASAP if you are interested, or need a way to make extra money.
Thanks,Walt Barrett

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