Monday, March 30, 2009

We Are Expanding Our Green Automotive Services by Walt Barrett

A Green Business For You By Walt Barrett
We are talking about a green business for motor vehicles. You know, for twenty-five years we have been involved with rejuvenating lead acid automotive batteries, and many of our clients have asked us to expand upon the idea, and come up with more services to enable them to add to their bottom line. They could expand on their own, but many of them prefer us to help them with marketing ideas, and to pull in more customers for them through the power of our web sites. Our new marketing plan is great because it requires very little investment, for some people maybe, no investment. We want to set up our dealers to provide quick and simple little services to fleet owners that will save them millions of dollars in lost tires, batteries, engines etc., and even prevent accidents. We will be expanding on this theme over the next few weeks. and if you would like a business with guidance provided by me and my staff, please contact me so we can discuss it. I am including a copy of the letter that we are sending out about our rapidly developing new program. We want you to participate so please contact me at: You can start up with virtually no money!
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