Sunday, April 19, 2009

Save Yourself A Lot Of Storm Grief by Walt Barrett

Save Yourself A lot Of Storm Grief by Walt Barrett
Yesterday Nancy and I had to drive from Rhode Island to Northern Vermont to see and old friend that is not doing so well health wise these days. We stopped in Keene, New Hampshire on the way, and met up with one of our four sons, Dave whom has lived there since 1980, and he drove us the rest of the way to Sutton, Vermont. While we were driving up we mentioned to Dave that we could not believe the amount of damage to the trees starting from Worcester, Massachusetts, and going on almost all the way to Keene where he lives. Dave told us that the ice storm that did all of that damage had caused many people in New Hampshire, and Massachusetts to be without power for over six weeks in many cases, and although people were furious about it there was very little that they, or that the power company could do, and there was not a decent generator to bought in site.
Now before Nancy and I built our new home ten years ago in Lincoln, we owned and lived on farms since 1962 and we know what it is to be without power up in the country for weeks at a time. So yesterday's trip got me to thinking. It is time I wrote about owning a good dependable diesel generator.
Now is the time to get your diesel generator. It's way too late when that major storm comes, and then you are out of luck! Also, I read two days ago where there are people sitting up nights trying to figure out computer programs that can totally shut down the US power grid in a matter of minutes. Now that may never happen, but I for one am not going to take any chances. If I lose my power I have no well pump, no boiler, no hot water, and no computers, which means no business – well no thank you!
Now it just so happens that one of our hundreds of products is diesel generators, and we sell our EPA Approved Model 6500S for only $1095.00 plus shipping from our warehouse in RI, or our other Warehouse in The Chicago area. Now I would not be selling this generator, nor would I own one if it was not an excellent piece of equipment. It is a silent fully enclosed electric start, air-cooled model. You can view the photos and specifications here. , and we can get you any spare parts you may ever need from our stock. At our usual discounted price of $1095.00 we are offering you a $500.00 savings on this unit. When you purchase from me, you get a great price and great service. If you have any questions you can email me at I am the owner of

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