Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We are currently producing a free video on building a composting toilet by Walt Barrett

For those of you whom are interested in Micro Homes and off the power grid living we are currently working a construction video for the composting toilet that is going into our micro home demonstration model. It is designed to be well ventilated and odorless. Yesterday we completed all of the pieces of the frame work and photographed them. We then assembled them and started to put the skin over the framework. We have to photograph more steps today and may complete the unit. We will then add live video segments and the voice over before we can publish the video. It is a very valuable segment on our micro home project because the material cost is very low, mostly left over lumber scraps from the micro home building project and a $6.00 plastic bin with an airtight cover if needed. Commercial units like this one are sold for hundreds of dollars. I consider this a very worthwhile project.
Time permitting, it will be completed by the weekend. We are very busy these days with our Agro business.

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