Friday, June 26, 2009

Free Battery Reconditioning Video and Training Manual Download by Walt Barrett

We are still offering free training manuals and videos. All you have to do is write and I will send you a free electronic download. If you require a sample of our products we will send them free, just pay the postage. We can put you in this business with practically no money. You can start off with just a few simple tools and a volt meter. It is a great side line business. We have dealers world-wide. Don’t spend thousands when you can start for a few dollars! Please contact me now. We can also put you in the solar electric business with solar modules in the USA at only $3.90 a watt. We will also train you free. Ask for our free solar lighting video just as a starter to add this exciting field into your battery business. They go hand in hand! We make solar electric systems simple and reasonable!



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