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Lost Your Job – Consider Starting A Business by Walt Barrett

This could be the best time.
Unfortunately, many people have recently lost their jobs, and many more people are about to lose their jobs. My view is that as long as you work for someone else you are never secure. Today you are nothing but a number in the corporate book keeping system. You are seen either as an asset, or a liability, nothing more. There is no future in that. So if you are already out of work anyway, I see it as an opportunity to finally have the time to start a business. So you say, yes, a good idea, but I don't have any money. I say well maybe that's a good thing, and you say “That Barrett guy is nuts!” Well maybe you have to be! It depends on your attitude.
Why do I say not having any money is a good thing? Because I have have seen thousands of start ups that were totally funded fall flat on their Fannie's! Here's one version the scenario. The people get the money through a loan, or relatives, or a combination of both. The first thing they do is run out and rent a fancy string of offices . The second thing they do is to fill the office with a lot of fancy gadgets, and expensive phone lines and people. The third thing they do is run out and spend a mint on fancy cars and trucks. Now that they have spent a major portion of their start up capital, they finally realize that they have spent a ton of money, and have not made a cent yet, and I haven't even mentioned the salaries. This is what I call putting the cart before the horse. Many people will disagree with me, and say I am dead wrong, but I do not agree, because, I have seen it too many times. The cold hard truth is that “Overhead is the monster that eats businesses!” Take a look around you right now. Companies that were loaded with dead wood for fifty years are finally waking up to the “facts of business” that they have long since ignored. Many of these companies have left the scene already, and many more are to follow. Well, enough of that.
Here is my suggestion. First of all we'll assume that you have very little money but you really, and truly want to own a business. Rule number one is that if you have a job, don't give it up unless you are really don't need money to live on, lol. It is always best in my opinion to start off part time, and give your idea a test run because start ups are rarely overnight success stories. Rule number two is that as long as you have a choice, do something that you are positive you will enjoy doing. The idea is that if you are going to do all that work, it better be the kind of work you like. If you have a hobby, or skill that looks like it could be a money maker, then you should give that idea serious consideration. Look for a business that requires as few employees as possible to start out with, or better yet a business that you can do alone at least to get it off the ground. Then, you start off small, and learn the ropes about stretching your money, and keeping the overheard low. Unfortunately, many employees have no idea of the costs involved just to keep the doors open on a business. Home business are the best to start off with, and learn with because they have the lowest overhead of all. You will need a first class accounting system too. We use Quik Books because it is an excellent system, and simple to use it you take the time to learn it. If you have to, get someone who knows the system to help you set it up correctly. That is the secret. If you do not want to keep books, and carry all your money around in your pockets you will surely fail. I have seen it a hundred times. I have seen many a man wine, woman, and song his business into oblivion! I'll bet you have too.
So what really makes a business tick? The short answer is by giving people what they need, and want for the best possible price, best customer service, and by working hard at it. There is no long answer, it's that simple.
You may have to test many ideas before you hit pay dirt. You might have a brand new idea for a product, or service, or you might just copy another successful business. There has always been a lot of that lately, and that is why some businesses are so fragmented, too many fingers in too many pies. I remember when McDonald's first came to our state. Within a year we had at least four copycats. People always need the basics of food, clothing and shelter. In these troubled times, selling them any other product requires a great deal more effort. One thing that I have learned from the Internet business is that the easiest way to reach the most people is through a site like (is free) or These are all great sites. I do not work for them, and I am not plugging them. eBay is a simple fact of life. If you have a product you want to sell eBay is the least expensive way to reach the most people. eBay is also the best way to do market research on a product. If you want to test a new product, or price structure, put it on eBay. You will get your answer in a big hurry, and eBay also publishes free statistics on what the hot selling items are. So lets just say you are really broke but you want to start a business. eBay may be your answer. You can go out and scrounge around for a few interesting items at garage sales etc.,and sell them on eBay for a very small fee. I say the if you can make even twenty percent over all of your real expenses, you have yourself a business! It's a good way to learn the ropes.
One more idea for today. There is a web site that is only twenty cents per listing.
There is basically one rule. You may can only list your hand made items, or supplies for craft workers
I have a daughter in law whom is enjoying very steady sales on . She is also a four time cancer survivor. If she can do it, so can you.
In closing I would like to say that I could not possibly cover all of the business scenario's in this Blog. There are so may more. The bottom line is that you do what you have to do, cut lawns, sell scrap metal, pick up aluminum cans, if you have to, but just do something to get you started learning about running a business! If you have specific business problem, or question please contact me through my new Blog We have a money and business section on there, and will answer your question as best we can. I have been running businesses since 1954.
Walt Barrett President

Monday, March 30, 2009

We Are Expanding Our Green Automotive Services by Walt Barrett

A Green Business For You By Walt Barrett
We are talking about a green business for motor vehicles. You know, for twenty-five years we have been involved with rejuvenating lead acid automotive batteries, and many of our clients have asked us to expand upon the idea, and come up with more services to enable them to add to their bottom line. They could expand on their own, but many of them prefer us to help them with marketing ideas, and to pull in more customers for them through the power of our web sites. Our new marketing plan is great because it requires very little investment, for some people maybe, no investment. We want to set up our dealers to provide quick and simple little services to fleet owners that will save them millions of dollars in lost tires, batteries, engines etc., and even prevent accidents. We will be expanding on this theme over the next few weeks. and if you would like a business with guidance provided by me and my staff, please contact me so we can discuss it. I am including a copy of the letter that we are sending out about our rapidly developing new program. We want you to participate so please contact me at: You can start up with virtually no money!
Walt More at

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A green business for low dollars that you can start by Walt Barrett

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A green business for low dollars that you can start by Walt Barrett
By admin Mar 24, 2009
Green Business Comment
You know, if you have ever lost your job, or are about to, You know that sinking feeling in your stomach when disaster hits. Having been there several times over the years I know exactly how it feels. Even if you have what you feel is a secure job, you should always have an expandable part time back up business. I have always had a part time or full time business since I was nineteen years old, and it has saved the bacon for me many times. Some of the oldest, and most successful businesses were started by folks whom lost their jobs in tough times. Most of us need that kick in the butt to move us towards starting a business. One door closes, another door opens. You know, even if you do not make a ton of money, there is a wonderful sense of security in knowing that you are job secure in that business. No one can ever fire you, or cut your pay, or treat you like just another number in the job lottery. I have been thinking a lot about what our company can do to offer a lifeline to folks that need work, and last night I decided to make the offer below.
I have combined a very successful business that we have operated profitably for twenty-five years with a couple of fresh ideas to bring it into the twenty first century. It requires very little money, for some people maybe less than $100.00. It is a service business that can be full, or part time. In order for me to assess the interest in a low investment green business I need you to write to me at, and I will then send you a full explanation of my new program. The business requires practically no investment. If you want to hook up with a company that will provide you with the kind of expertise that will prevent you from screwing up your business because of a lack of business experience, and will be there for you to help with the tough decisions, I can help you. We do not charge our business associates for our advice. Please contact me ASAP if you are interested, or need a way to make extra money.
Thanks,Walt Barrett

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This Blog Has Moved by Walt Barrett

I have moved this blog to and it has been upgraded into several sections including solar, micro homes, photos and video. I had no choice due to a total lack of technical support form Google.
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There is a fresh post this morning March 14, 2009.

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This blog has moved by Walt Barrett

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My New Blog Page by Walt Barrett

We have spent the past week building a new Blog page on our own company business server.
I will continue to post to this site, and the new one for a while, but will eventually drop this site. We need a space of our own that we can control properly. We are still working the kinks out of the new site, but hope you will take a peek at: . And please be patient. This is not an easy task. The new site may be a little rocky for a short time. I will be commenting on many topical subjects.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Are Minimum Home Size Zoning Codes Discriminatory by Walt Barrett

It's no secret that one of my divisions is building micro homes. We get a lot of mail from people that are very interested in these smaller homes, and one of their big complaints is that their city, or town has what are referred to as minimum home square footage standards, or other words to that effect. Now I can understand that no one wants a bunch of shacks, and yards littered with junk cars etc. in their neighborhood, and I totally agree with that. But those same zoning laws are designed to prevent property from being turned into junk yards and trash piles etc. They also require safe building standards to be followed including proper plumbing, wiring, ventilation, sanitation etc. and that is a very good thing too.
Now this is the part that gets troublesome. By limiting the minimum size of a home the zoning officials are discriminating against people with low incomes, singles, or couples with no children, elderly retirees on low incomes, and people that just want to live greener and save energy by living smaller. I have written to the local office of the American Civil Liberties Union for an opinion on this matter. Why should a person for example be told that they must build a 2000 square foot home when all they want is a 400 square foot home, or whatever size they want?
So I am going on the record as saying that those minimum square footage laws are discriminatory and elitist. Everyone is entitled to own a home, and if they abide by the building and sanitation standard they should be allowed to build it. There are many affordable pieces of land that these smaller homes can be built on and I think it is time that we make the necessary changes to allow it. I feel the same way about micro apartments.
Ask yourself who really has the most to gain by mandating that people build larger energy wasting homes?

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A New Solar Micro Home Page by Walt Barrett

Please visit our new web page that combines Micro Homes and related solar systems and lighting all on one web page.