Monday, June 21, 2010

A to Z Global To Build Low Voltage Power Supplies by Walt Barrett

We have been experimenting for many years now with various ways to produce virtually free electricity. So far we have mostly produced low voltage, low amperage devices that do actually produce power. Now, with the advent of low voltage lighting, communication devices, video and still cameras, and instrumentation devices, we have decided to produce a more finished and salable product line that will easily power these products. The above will be accomplished by several methods that we have developed. This technology will be particularly helpful in the third world where people cannot afford to even purchase batteries. The technology is far less expensive than manufacturing solar cells which only work in sunlight. We are now moving towards charging small electric vehicles, and running home water pumps with a larger scale unit. Our company also has successfully produced chemicals for over 25 years to tune up and recondition sulfated lead acid batteries. It is now being sold world wide under the names Battery Chem, and China Depot Products.

We are also the largest seller of Terra Cyclone tractors in the world. For more information you may contact company President Walter H. Barrett email to:

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