Wednesday, July 07, 2010

You Can Own A Virtual Tractor Dealership by Walt Barrett

Virtual Tractor Dealership Program

If you need extra income this is a great business that you can run from your home computer with no investment at all. We have made a very good living by selling diesel farm tractors on the Internet. Our most popular tractor package is a 25 horsepower 4 wheel drive farm tractor with a front loader and a backhoe included for only $10,995.00 delivered to most cities. Some remote areas may be a little more for delivery. If you are interested in spending one, or two hours a week I will set you up with your own virtual tractor dealership. We will supply you with all the photos, videos, prices and delivery structure including us handling all of the shipping and customs paper work. All you really have to do is to help us get sales leads, and we will even close the sale for you. Our best sellers are our tractor, loader and backhoe packages with the lowest prices on the Internet in the USA. You get the leads by placing free ads in your local Craig's List weekly, and any other classifieds that you can post to free. If you have a web page you should post there too. After that, you can either try to sell the clients or, forward them to us. We don't mind closing the sales for you. We will pay you $500.00 when the tractor package is delivered. If we sell just a tractor we pay $165.00 and the same for a front loader, or back hoe. If you are interested I will personally train you and provide all the necessary materials. I have unlimited long distance and will be happy to call you at any time to discuss this.


Walt Barrett President

A to Z Global Marketing Inc.

01 401 725 8141

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