Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The A to Z Global Marketing Salt Water Powered Energy Cell by Walt Barrett

I had to make a video this morning from rather poor quality cell phone videos because that's all I had to work with.  With the edition of the added voice over I believe the video will suffice for now.  The video is a short announcement about our Power Energy Cell that we have been researching and working on now for quite some time.   The Cell runs on salt water, Urine, Battery Chem, and several other inexpensive chemical formulas.  Certain fuels produce more power than others.  We are ready to patent and go into mass production but will require additional funds  as the patents alone for international protection are very expensive.  It won't be that long before you will be driving a scooter or electric car powered by this product.  It is really a system of making electricity and storing it in a battery.  The Power cell was developed by Mike Winchell and Walt Barrett.