Monday, October 04, 2010

Building with adobe size blocks made from recycled news paper by Walt Barrett

I am tinkering with an idea to build adobe style building blocks made from home made glue dampened newspaper and compressed into a mold.  The newspaper would not be shredded in order to save labor and energy.  The mold would be made the size of the normal size section of newspaper folded in half.   For small buildings, pressure might not be necessary.  Some simple load testing will have to be performed.  The biggest problem I see is coming up with an inexpensive glue formula that mixes with water.  The exterior walls of the building will have to be painted or sided to protect them from water damage.  The bottom row blocks will have to be thoroughly sealed to prevent wicking of ground water, or moisture.  More time and and research will be devoted to the water proofing aspects.  Of course, real adobe has very little built in moisture protection.  Perhaps we can develop an inexpensive water resistant glue.  My main concern is the cost of glue in the third world especially.  These blocks will be considerably lighter than adobe or concrete. We are open to any inexpensive home made glue formula ideas.