Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Salt Water Power Cell More Data Follow Up Post By Walt Barrett

November 9 2010

Due to the fact that some many people have responded to my post this morning I am doing a follow up now.  My intention was to gauge the interest before going into production.  Frankly speaking, I am overwhelmed. Our company has been engaged in energy research since the 1970′ s   We were always able to make low power electricity, but with recent discoveries that we have made we are now able to supply enough power to run a powerful light directly off the deceptively simple looking power cell that you see in the photo below.  We can supply these units in any voltage needed.  This unit provides a little over 3 volts DC.  It can also charge four AA or AAA batteries easily.  The units will be built here in Rhode Island,  USA utilizing local labor and materials.

One of the most important features of the cell is that there will never be a fuel problem as the cell can run on salt water, urine, filtered residue from wood ash, lemon juice, vinegar, and many other acidic substances.  It is surprisingly versatile.  We have made it very simple and fully field serviceable. It is not a sealed unit. All the parts are easily removed for cleaning etc.  It can be used over and over again for years.  Certain elements may require changing every year but are very inexpensive.    We are continually finding more free fuels for the Power Cell.  It can be purchased as the cell itself, with the output positive and negative leads ready to attach to a charger or light, or it may be purchased  with a light already to attach. We are aiming at a dealer price of $29.95  and as the sales increase we will be able to lower the price through increased manufacturing efficiency, and quantity purchasing of the parts.  The unit will easily pay for itself  because no batteries are necessary to light the light.  The great advantage over solar is that it will run around  the clock.  No sunlight is ever needed.  Another advantage is that our 12 volt models can be used to power laptops, cameras,  special electronic equipment, submersibles, cell phone chargers and a myriad of other useful applications.  We envision this technology powering small vehicles in the very near  future as we expand our customer base.  Anyone interested in being a dealer for this product should contact me as soon as possible. We will need to know how many units you will commit to order.  Our terms are 50% with the order and the balance before shipping. To get the dealer ($29.95) price you must order a minimum of ten units.  My suggestion is to pre-sell them. Contact wbarrett1@aol.com