Monday, November 22, 2010

Walt Barrett Set To Manufacture 12 Volt Salt Water Powered Cells In USA

A to Z Global Marketing Inc announced this morning  11/22/2010 that they will be manufacturing their new 12 volt salt water powered energy cell no later than December 31 2010.  The new cell will produce 12 volts at 800 ma of DC power for 24 hours a day, and does not depend on sunlight, however, the cell must be fueled daily with a very mild dose of salt water.  The cell can light LED reading lights directly and will charge rechargeable batteries. The cell easily lights LED camping lights. Completed cells will be offered, and also home assembly kits for experimenters.  We are rapidly evolving these cells to power electric bicycles and then on to scooters.
These cells are ideal power supplies for third world applications ande NGO's should contact us.  All interested parties should contact