Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Treated Lumber Foundation For Your Micro Home - A tip from Walt Barrett

   Many of you know that I am personally interested in building micro homes due to the all around savings in money, materials, and operating costs.  I am constantly searching for ways to get the costs down so as to make these tiny homes available to all people in spite of their income bracket.  Well I have had suffered three strokes since the first of the year 2011 and do not have enough time anymore to write all the articles that I would like.  So I have solved the problem by finding articles that are already written that I think will fill the bill and provide you with links to those web sites.  I am not taking credit for the articles.  I am simply pointing you to them.   I think that every small home should have a full or raised ranch type basement.  It only makes sense to have a warm place for your utilities so they will not freeze.  It can also provide extra living space if planned properly.  I believe that Treated lumber foundations have been vastly overlooked.  Here is a link that will point you in the right direction.
If you find these articles helpful please comment back to me.  Also, all suggestions are welcome.