Sunday, March 13, 2011

America Is Going Roman by Walt Barrett

   If you have ever been without heat in a cold climate then you know that it's no Sunday picnic.   From the look of the world news lately there is an excellent possibility that we are soon going to experience some very high fuel prices and possibly even some fuel shortages by next winter.  That's how things seem to be working out these days.  Personally, I am starting to prepare now.  We are taking steps over the summer season to further increase the efficiency of our new energy efficient home. We are also installing a back up heating system that does not use oil, and designating one of our smaller  rooms to be used as a warm room heated by an alternate heat source, and using our motor vehicles very sparingly.  It saves money while cutting down on fuel consumption.  When consumption goes down, fuel prices go down and that helps everyone.
   If we do not pay attention to the impending fuel crisis many people will pay a heavy price. The poor and the elderly are already having problems paying their  fuel bills and taxes while many are losing their homes. What's going to happen to them when their gasoline and fuel oil bills rise above $5000.00 next winter?  This is just the beginning of a major breakdown in our economy. Energy costs and taxes are going to continue to rise sharply.  The number of homeless is going to continue to climb, and the corruption and crime rate is going to be unbearable.  And all the while the politicians continue to play the same old games.
Our country is "Going Roman", and we all know what that means!