Monday, May 02, 2011

An Important Message From Walt Barrett about The Battery Chem Forklift Battery Reconditioning Program

We are writing this letter to you because in the past you have either asked for a free battery reconditioning manual, or have purchased our battery reconditioning products. Some of our dealers have said that they could not get enough used automotive batteries to recondition. Well we have a solution to that problem. We have gone into the electric forklift batteries and there are thousands of them in every state. Last year we had a client come to us with three very large electric forklift batteries that were in terrible condition and also very old. They had sat in a very cold warehouse for three years.
They were nearly dried out inside but still read 36 volts each. The cells would not pass a load test though. Well we decided to recondition them anyway as a test and follow them by checking periodically with the owner. We started by adding the missing water from the cells and then we added one-third (1/3) of a cup of Battery Chem per cell. After that we gave them a full charging session and put them into service. I was very doubtful myself as to the outcome, but to my surprise they have been working perfectly now for over a year. The owner of these batteries is very happy with us and our product because we have saved him a total of nearly $20,000.00 in replacement costs for the three batteries.
The point I want to make here is that there are thousands of electric forklifts all over the USA in warehouses and most of them are terribly neglected. Because of this we have expanded our company and also have a new forklift service training film and manual for our regular and new dealers and they describe the entire forklift battery reconditioning process. As usual, if you contact us we will train you 100% free and sell you battery chem as needed. We will also show you how easy it is to get these new forklift clients and where to find them. We have a great new free program lined up for you. Our dealers are charging $500.00 per battery to recondition them and offer an additional service contract for $100.00 a service call. Believe me, at easily $7000.00 replacement cost these companies should be glad to see you. If you work hard and do the marketing program you can make from $500.00 to $5000,00 a week.
We did the battery shown in the training film in fifteen minutes. You do them on site and use their charger. If you are interested in this free information please contact me at:
Walt Barrett President
A to Z global Marketing Inc.
Battery Chem USA
An American Company