Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Low Overhead Green Furniture Recycling Business by Walt Barrett

   This is interesting because yesterday I did a blog about Recycling discarded bicycles as an inexpensive business start up.  I have a love affair with low start up - low overhead business and I always have because as a kid in the bad times I was a dump picker and I am not ashamed to say it.
   Well anyway, I have had six strokes this year and my doctors do not want me driving any more. So yesterday my wife drove me in to the doctor for a check up and now that I am no longer driving I  get to see a whole lot more of the surrounding scenery that we are driving through.  Well anyway on the way home, about a mile up the street from the medical building I spotted a very old but nice looking set of Mission style chairs heaped up on the curb waiting for the trash pickup.   I think if we had been driving our F250 pickup I would have had my wife pull over so I could load them in, but seeing as we had her Corolla I had to pass them up. The point I want to make is that an ambitious person could spend a couple of days cleaning them up and they could have brought as much as $500.00 for the set.  The reason being is that they were very old and obviously of very high quality wood and well crafted.  I would have just cleaned them and and given them a light oiling.  It's best not to fool around with the finish on old furniture as you could ruin the value.  Leave the finish to the buyer.
   Now I see this kind of stuff all the time, but I am only one person and how many businesses can a person get involved with?  I have too many as it is!  I write about these things because after being marries for 59 years and raising five kids we have been in some financial binds in our earlier years and I have had to run many a small enterprise in order to keep our collective heads above water.  But let me tell you, recycling used furniture is easy and a darn good way to make some real extra cash.  The next piece I write will be about how I have always marketed all the products from my little enterprises.
By the way, thanks be to God i have still not been seriously impaired by this current string of strokes and I really appreciate all the prayers from my Internet friends and family.
Have a great day and God Bless.