Friday, November 04, 2011

Cell Phone Charging Fuel Cell Invented by A to Z Global Marketing Inc. by Walt Barrett

    A to Z Global Marketing Inc. is applying for a patent for a Multi-Fuel powered fuel cell that has just completed a four month 24 hour a day test running a reading lamp on only one of these new cells. 
   These units will create an entirely new industry of made in the USA portable fuel cell power supply products many of which will fit into one's pocket to power small devices. 
   Personally I consider them to be "The next big thing" as many people like to say these days.  They are field serviceable if it becomes necessary.
    We will soon be marketing these units to charge cell phones, play battery powered appliances, and charge electric bike and scooter batteries on the go, or when parked.  The unit runs 24 hours a day and will keep batteries charged as long as it is fueled daily with salt water, or other inexpensive chemical fuels developed by the inventor. The product is seriously needed in the undeveloped countries of the world.  We have developed mass production techniques using inexpensive materials to hold down the cost and keep the product within reach for even the poorest of people. The military applications are almost beyond the imagination and too numerous to list.  
   Larger units will eventually power electric vehicles and will be leased monthly to the vehicle owners.  Worn units will simply be swapped out in less that 30 minutes. The spent units will be refurbished and be placed back in service.  They will keep a smaller battery pack on board the vehicle charged.  Many American jobs will be created.
The project is being financed by A to Z Global Marketing Inc. who has developed and marketed millions of dollars in products since it's inception in 1995 by Walt Barrett, sole owner of the corporation
   The new fuel cell power packs will be on the market in early 2012.  The first units will provide power for lights, radios and cell phone charging in remote areas that we have already identified where there is a serious need for this exciting new product.
The product is made in the USA and will be marketed at our web site