Monday, December 17, 2012

DIY Solar Water Pumping System $849.00 by Walt Barrett

We have a wonderful low cost, exquisitely simple 12 volt solar electric powered water pumping kit that we have been selling now for many years.  I think that the most impressive feature other than the extremely low price  is that this solar powered pump does not require any batteries. It can run with or without batteries  Not having batteries is a huge savings in both cost and maintenance.  Our basic kit ($849.00) consists of the following:
1. One 85 Watt solar electric module.
2. One Linear Current Booster. *
3. One 12 volt DC Submersible Solar Water Pump.
 * Note:  A linear current booster allows the solar pump to run virtually from sun up to sun down.

Should you require the necessary twin lead 12 volt DC  pump wire and the 1/2 inch ID plastic water tubing tubing we can also quote and supply it too.  The price will be determined by the number of feet required.  Marine sealer is also needed for the wiring connection to the pump in the bottom of the well. 

If you require nighttime water pumping and require a battery for the system that means that you will have to specify a solar controller instead of a Linear Current Booster as it cannot be used with a battery.

Full specifications, performance charts, and photographs are available at   You can speak to us for shipping quotes questions or technical support for our customers only at 1- 401 725 8141  Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM  Eastern Standard Time in the USA.

We have a video above of a six year old system one of our customers did himself. In his case he used a back up battery, but it really was unnecessary.  The system is for a 100 gallon stock tank.
We show the solar collector, the battery and control house and the well.  We have 40 years experience in solar and know the least expensive ways to pump water by using solar energy.  We can show you several ways to configure this system including float switches and an open stock tank, a pressure switch and water tank, and a water tower and float switch.  Please call us.  We would like to talk to you about your solar system.  We also do inexpensive solar lighting systems.

Walt Barrett