Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Free Solar Water Pumping And Electric Classes by Walt Barrett

   My interest in solar energy goes back to 1950 when my dad, who knew I loved all things mechanical, brought home a book for me to read that was all about solar energy.  It was loaded with do it yourself projects that were really simple to build.  Even then, as poor as we were, I realized that there were many people in the world that were a lot worse off then we were.  1950 was the year that we got indoor plumbing in our home after being without it since 1929 when my parents built our tiny home.  I was only 18 in 1950, but I immediately realized after reading that book that we could use solar energy to make life easier for people all over the world.  I really can't explain why, but I have always wanted to help other people.  The only reason I can think of is because my parents and I really had so many very hard times during the depression and I never really forgot it.
   I have been pushing solar energy for a very long time, but until recent years have never really succeeded in cracking the mass market.  For many years cheap fuel held the solar energy business back.  Another problem is that most people in the developing countries could not afford any kind of solar equipment.   The common problems found throughout the world are pumping and filtering drinking water, Salt water desalination, making any form of light for the children to read and study by, making power for educational satellite TV centers, cooking food and refrigerating food and medicine and disposing of human waste.  The world has spent billions fighting wars and killing children, but very little on improving the human condition. 
  Personally, I am about to turn 80 in the early spring and intend to spend whatever time that I have left developing and refining solar and other green technologies right down to the least expensive and most dependable products.  I doubt it will be profitable, but profit in my case is not the driving force as we have other ways of making a living.  Besides, as the man says, how many pairs of pants can I wear at a time and how many cars can I drive a a time?  I can remember when we could not afford to drive cars.  I was much thinner then too.   BTW not owning a vehicle puts many thousands of dollars in your bank account or whatever.
   If a person is at at least willing to seek the knowledge and contribute the bulk of the labor then they can have all of the solar and other green powered items that I have mentioned in the above text. So this is the plan that I have.  Beginning in February I will start producing new training films starting with Solar Electric Water Pumping  and Small Solar Power Packages for multiple use in villages for water pumping, cell phone charging, LED lighting systems, radio, SAT TV etc.  Just think electric and we'll try to do it on the cheap.  We will also build an improved composting toilet.  Our main focus for this project is to have the local people build as much of this green equipment as possible.  It will create and stimulate local economies. So the free training videos will stat in February and the Live classes here in Rhode Island will start as soon as the weather permits.  We have already built a 128 square foot micro home and it will serve as a test vehicle for the projects that we build together.  The classes will be free and the size will be limited.  I am really hoping that there are people out there that are interested in using this technology to help the less fortunate and not just trying to get rich overnight.
Here is an example of a six year old solar water pumping system and our next video in February will teach you how to do the whole system including wiring.

Please contact me if you are interested in our free training program.
Thank you,
Walt Barrett