Thursday, February 07, 2013

A Few Comments That I Have Made by Walt Barrett

Some things I have learned from bitter experience

Never give up and never stop trying!

Life is like a movie in that how it turns out depends upon how you edit it.

God is the engine that drives the Universe.

Hard work pays off!

Your are never too old to reinvent yourself.

Nobody cares about you.  You are always on your own.

The government cannot solve all of your problems and could never succeed in running a business.

Overhead is the monster that eats businesses.

Government is run by amateurs who get appointed to jobs that they are not trained to do.

You can't make someone love you.

Quit feeling sorry for yourself and get on with your life.

We all came from a tiny band of people in Africa.

Education is totally unnecessary if you like sleeping under bridges.

What people have they never want and what they don't have they always want.

Anyone can sell.  Selling is simply telling a story and offering the right product at the right price.

Never trust your money with a financial planner because they are the only people who ever make any money. 

Never trust the stock market!

Never trust any government!

Your own life is the biggest reality show that you are ever going to see and it is totally up to you how it plays out.

   If you are convinced that you have a really great idea then you have to stay focused on that idea and you have to expand and develop that idea and don't be like so many people that I have met in my lifetime that only talk the talk and never follow through on anything!

   "The next big thing" won't be the next big thing if you don't follow through!

In this day and age with everyone being "connected" and everyone looking for "the next big thing" the world is changing minute by minute so pay attention because the carousel is speeding up and the brass rings are flying by.   

If you fail at everything else in life you can always become a politician.

You can give a politician a free lemon-aid stand, free lemons, free sugar, free paper cups, free water, free taxes,  and the best location in the country, and he will still lose money!

A country cannot be a world power while standing knee deep in financial quicksand!

Politicians should be the first people to serve in foreign wars.

Someone should follow media people around relentlessly with news cameras.

Never fly on an airplane that wasn't made in the USA.

A politician has never seen a dollar that he didn't want to tax and can never balance a budget if it involves government money.

Stop blaming everyone else for your problems.

Walt Barrett