Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My recent weight loss and I have made some significant changes to this blog by Walt Barrett

   I have decided to make some significant changes to this blog and several of them are already showing at the bottom of each post.  
Several people have asked me about my recent weight loss and because I am interested in all things green which includes saving my own life by making some life style changes I am going to share  what I am now doing with you and tell you that it is working for me.  I am in no way advising or telling you what I think that you should do.  I'm just telling you what I am doing.  When you decide to make any kind of life style changes it is always best to talk to your health care provider.  I can tell you right now that I am not having to see my doctors very often since I made some adjustments to my own life style.  I will be 80 in May and have to be careful about my health now and also what I choose for activities. 
   I really needed to lose weight as it was starting to cause me health problems.  I had become Tired all the time,  a borderline diabetic and it was only a matter of time.  I also came down with a heart problem including high blood pressure and what is called A Fib with an irregular heart beat.  My legs ached all the time, my feet were numb and my joints were all painful too.  I like to walk and go to the gym, and was tiring to easily with only mild activity. I still need more exercise and am working on that problem.  I knew that if things continued this way it was going to be only a matter of time before I ended up either in a wheel chair or become a tissue or organ donor.  I believe in recycling and am donating what's let of me to others in need.  The rest is going in the flower garden.
   So in December of 2011 I started to make a lot of changes.  The best way I know to lose the first 15 pounds if you like to drink alcohol is to quit and also quit all the sugar and salt that you possibly can. So I just stopped.  I easily lost that first 15 pounds, but then I hit that plateau that just about everyone hits.  The next thing that I did was to start counting calories.  It worked some, but was very slow for me and most likely because I was sill not getting enough exercise, but also because I was eating the wrong things.  
I now have been spending a great deal of time research the good and the bad foods which is the most simple way I can put it.  It is working.  I'm eating more brown rice, more beans and vegetables and have cut wheat, sugar, alcohol out altogether since finding out how bad it is for you. I eat very little meat having only a couple of ounces a day, and no fats at all. This is an ongoing process now for me and I wish That I had started sooner.  I am discovering new things about my diet every day.  I have a great deal more energy again.  I don't have to spend a great deal of money on information because the important information is all there free on the Internet and Diet meals are actually less expensive to prepare and really simple once you read about them. It's not rocket science.  If you are truly overweight and are concerted about it then you must take charge of your own diet and stick to it. I will be continuing to tell you about my journey to lose more weight because I have fifty more pounds to get off and keep off.  In your own case I can offer you a very good incentive to lose weight by changing your diet and lifestyle.  
I told myself "You can choose life, or, you can choose an earlier death"!
To be continued.

  I have added some features to this site which can be seen at the side and bottom of each page and there are more coming. I plan on more DIY videos and more nice photos.
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