Friday, March 22, 2013

Battery Chem's Rapid Expansion To Asia by Walt Barrett

   About two years ago we introduced Battery Chem to a distributor in Manila in the Philippines. Manila has an extremely hot climate and a study that our distributor conducted there showed three very important things.
1. One was that there are approximately 30,000 public transportation buses in the Manila area alone.
2. There are two very large expensive 12 volt lead acid batteries on board each bus and due to the extremely hot climate causing premature sulfation the batteries on these buses have to be replaced every 3 to 9 months at a cost of $520.00 US Dollars per bus each time.
3. When our distributor approached these bus companies in Manila to try to explain the benefits of our Product Battery Chem the jokingly directed him to the scrap pile of batteries that they were going to return to the smelter and said "fix some of those and if it works we'll buy your product for our own mechanics to add to our buses".
Long story short, our distributor took several batteries off the scrap pile, serviced them with Battery chem, and recharged and tested them. These batteries were put back into service and so far have been running an additional 9 months.
Our product Battery Chem has caused so much excitement in the transportation industry in Manila that at all the bus companies are either using it or planning to use it and also, The two government owned railroad lines are putting it in their batteries including the new batteries that are just going into service.
The reason for our success is that Battery Chem restores 70% to 80 % of all sulfated heavy duty sulfated lead acid batteries. Battery Chem allows these batteries to recharge 20% faster than untreated batteries and the batteries run 20% cooler because of the properties found in Battery Chem. Our success also includes giant electric forklift batteries thus saving large forklift fleet owners millions of dollars. One of our clients has 50 warehouses and 2900 forklift batteries and 4000 tractor trailer units to service. The market has no end to it. I have manufactured and sold the product for 28 years now and the repeat business rate is incredible.
We have already expanded into South Korea and now I wish to expand into all the rest of Asia.

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