Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Simple Free Diet Is Working by Walt Barrett

I know that this blog is about all things green and I actually believe that weight loss and good health are very much in that category.
Every year people spend millions of dollars on weight loss products and doctors and that is fine with me if they want to do it. Health care is getting more and more expensive and it's not going to get any easier to get your health back.  Look at weight watching not from a cosmetic standpoint, but as a preventative maintenance program.
  I want you to know that I do not endorse any of the weight loss products or treatments that you may see advertised in the margins of my blogs.
  No one is pushing you to diet.  It's not a crime to be fat and there are some people that for medical reasons just can't avoid it.  An example would be taking certain medications can add weight but are necessary for your health or sanity.  Being fat does not mean being ugly either.  It does mean that you are more likely to have health problems.   We do not want anyone who reads this having self esteem problems either.  
   I want to update my friends on my personal weight loss progress. I am currently at the lowest weight I have been since 1985 and feeling great.  I worked out my own diet based on free information that is on the Internet.  I am 80 years old, six feet tall and now weigh 215 pounds.  I had climbed up to 250 pounds and was getting very unhealthy and very unhappy!  I am happy to say that now that I have lost the weight I feel better than I have in fifty years.  
It cost me nothing and we are actually saving money on the food bills.
I did not purchase any of the products advertised on the page margins.
   I gave up smoking about 15 years ago as a point of interest.
I have made my most significant progress sing starting the rice diet in January this year and it's all free!.
   What I did do is the following:
Keep track of my calorie intake.  All the food portions and values are on the Internet.  It becomes second nature after about a week.
No Sugar, fructose, or Alcohol.  You will immediately become more mentally alert.
Stay away from salt.  you only need about 500 mg a day.  That is about 1/4 of a teaspoon.  The maximum is about one level teaspoon (2200 mg) unless you are an athlete and then it's 3000 mg.  Salt was making me hold water and my legs and ankles got very swollen.  They are now back to normal. 
No bread  of any kind.
Eat only 2 oz of meat a day.
Drink more water. At least two large glasses a day.  If you must have soda it has to be diet soda with like zero calories.
We boil the Brown rice every night after dinner.  Follow the directions on the bag.  Rice is cheaper than dirt BTW.
You should take the multivitamin every morning. 
No Cereal 
Very little milk.
Eat packaged fruit, fresh fruit and 60 calorie yogurts for desert.
Eat 3/4 cup fried brown rice with honey on it for breakfast and fresh fruit.  I always have 1/2 of a banana no matter what other fruit that I have that morning.
They always say not to drink coffee or tea, but I have my two cups of coffee every morning. Sometimes I have a third cup later on in the morning instead of snacking.

Heat 3/4 of a cup of the precooked brown rice - microwave or whatever.
Put enough of any kind of sauce or other embellishments on it to make it taste delicious.  Add a few tablespoons of vegetables if you like, or have a cup of instant soup, Or canned Mexican style black beans of even canned baked beans, salsa, but go easy and watch the calories.  Use your imagination and get creative.  
It is all about added sugars and fats that increase your calories.
For desert you can have a 60 calorie yogurt.  Or you can have a 60 calorie fruit cup or some fresh fruit.  Do not eat cookies or other sweets etc, unless you enjoy being fat and sluggish.

Dinner is pretty much a repeat of lunch.  Remember, with loss is all about sugars, fats, and caloric intake.  There is no silver bullet!
I have had whole weeks where it seemed like I could not lose a pound and then the next week I would lose several pounds very quickly.  There is no predicting it.  Don't worry about slip ups.  Just stay as close to the diet as possible and you will get better at it.  That is how it works for  me.  Try to walk at least a mile every day. If you have a problem with that then walk what you can walk and build up to some mileage. A little time plus some work means eventual progress and it is better than doing nothing. 
   I almost forgot. This diet should keep you very regular.  You need to clear out your system every day.  If you do not, see your doctor and get some advice with that because it's not healthy.  The proper diet usually works.

 I don't care if it takes another year, I'm getting down to 170 unless I die of old age first, lol!  Stick it out, it works!!!

 I you have any questions about my personal diet please feel free to ask.

Good Luck!