Thursday, October 17, 2013


From Trash to Cash   
   Back in the 1930's I used to play with toy cars that were made in Japan and China.  One day my mother pointed out to me that some of the insides of the cars and trucks were not always painted that well and you could see the original painted labels on the obviously recycled metal cans.  My parents started off their lives together very poor and developed recycling into an art form.  We salvaged everything that we possibly could and still do.  There is nothing wrong with saving money.
   You don't have to be a genius to run your business as a green business and the best part of it is that being green has a direct and positive effect on your bottom line.  Now it seems to me that too many small businesses always appear to be running on the ragged edge and it doesn't take much of a set back and they are gone - out of business totally.  
   We do a great deal of shipping every day both in and out so we use a great deal of cardboard boxes, packing material and wooden skids. A great deal of that material is salvaged from incoming shipments and used to pack outgoing shipments.  Not only are we saving the cost of those materials, we are saving the shipping charges on new skids, boxes and packing materials.  Another thing that we do is to save all the scrap metals and worn out cardboard that accumulates and every couple of months or so we take it down to the scrap yard and sell it.  A lot of people pay to get this material hauled away, but not us, we turn it back into money.  Now this stuff all sounds pretty basic to many of you, but you would be amazed at how many businesses just throw that money away.
   It is amazing once you start to recycle in your business how many ways that you will find to reuse items that you formally threw out and how quickly those items add up.  For instance, I know people who built micro homes and small cabins from packing crates used for shipping machinery.  It just goes on and on.
   Try taking a walk around your facility with an eye out for how much of your current trash that you can convert to cash.
Oh, and while you are in the mood for saving money ask me about our free maintenance program and inexpensive additives to double or even triple the life of those expensive electric forklift and golf cart batteries that are constantly draining your bank accounts.
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