Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Terraform Earth - Mars Can Wait by Walt Barrett

   We need a more meaningful down to earth project that wisely uses the undeveloped desert lands and oceans of the world. We have the brains, technology, and money to wisely use all of these vast wastelands to develop entirely new economies, but it may never happen because the money is being wasted on useless projects and wars. There are many of us who know what to do, but do not have the money to do it. Personally, I really care about all of the poor humans of the earth and have had big dreams about using science and engineering to save them, but I am over 80 years now and I just can't do it by myself or get anyone else to listen. It is really a shame because it could put millions of people to work and at the same time be very profitable for investors and that's what really seems to count in today's world.
Instead we talk about "Terra forming Mars". It's total insanity and there will be time enough for that in a thousand years when we can achieve light speed if it even matters that much - really! It's time that we put our scientists and engineers to work on a meaningful project!
First I would like to see these scientists that want to Terra Form Mars do it here on Earth where they even have an atmosphere to work with a reasonable temperatures before wasting trillions of dollars to grow a turnip patch on Mars. Can you grow a useful commercial crop in any desert on Earth.  If not, how will you ever do it on Mars  Come on guys it's time to get real.  You can find as many challenges and build as many gadgets right here saving Earth and its inhabitants in the process.  Leave the Star Trek stuff to Hollywood for a while longer.  We need you here in the real world.
In the meantime I'm still looking for better ways to bring Employment, food, water, clothing, shelter, medicine and sanitation to our growing population.  This is the real world problem staring us in the face!  Again I say - Let's get real!