Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Expect Rising Double Didget Unemployment Rates And More Homeless In 2014 by Walt Barrett

   I hope that I am wrong, but I have been reading the signs based upon my 60 years in business and I really think that unless our government does something about the unfair labor advantage that the off shore manufacturers have our economy could actually collapse. It's like the powers that be, whomever they are, have decided that we can live with current rate of unemployment.  If they have, I believe that is a mistake.  As a matter of fact, Our current President started off every campaign speech in his first election campaign with the words "I'm going to bring the jobs back to America" and I said to myself every time, "Like hell you are"!
You don't hear anybody in Washington saying those words any more and if you bring up the subject you can just see their eyes glazing over.
   As a matter of fact if congress doesn't mend their ways and do something about it soon it will be too late.  This country can only carry so many poor and unemployed people, fight so many wars, and waste billions on ridiculous projects before we collapse under the debt.  Not if, but when our economy collapses the big money guys won't care and will just move on to other countries if they find it necessary to do so.  There is no shortage of governments for sale.
Make no mistake, the countries that are reaping the benefits from all this foolishness will be standing by our grave eager to shovel in the dirt because that's how it is these days.
   When the Christmas season is over you can count on all of the temporary employees being dropped like hot rocks and sending the unemployment figures rocketing upwards again.  At the same time the consumer spending will go down and many small business are going to go under.  You can count on that!  Americans will be paying a very high price in the long run for buying those cheap goods at the Big Box stores.  Our government makes the same mistakes over and over again and is influenced too much by other governments and big business.  The average American has no idea what is going on. Just ask any poor person who is unemployed and remember that your job could be next so you better start paying attention.  It's time we started taking care of business at home.
Remember, you cannot rule the world while standing on financial quicksand!